Rabbit Ragu!


So, I don’t cook. Or at least, I didn’t cook before. I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who loves to cook, a father who loves to cook (and gives us freezer meals all the time) and a mother-in-law who loves to cook and send home plates for us.

So I was fairly well insulated against the cold, harsh reality of fending for myself in the kitchen. I like to bake, and am pretty good at it – but cooking was the WORST.

And then I got laid off, and am trying to figure out the Stay At Home Mom thing, and cooking seems to be a big part of that (cooking, cleaning and finding stuff that neither my husband nor daughter can find regardless of the fact that they tripped over it on their way out of the room).

So I got started – as mentioned before, we have an Instant Pot which I cannot say enough good things about; I love that thing, especially while I am learning!

Last week I was presented with my greatest challenge to date – rabbit. We tend to be on the frugal side when it comes to food, so when I found a 50% off rabbit at Loblaws, I had to buy it. Into the freezer it went – until husband decided that Friday was the day, and amongst his suggestions as to how to prepare it, was Rabbit Ragu. Well, I just had to do that, it practically rhymed!

Jointing – Do you know what that means? I didn’t – until I watched a very informative video from one of Jamie Oliver’s chefs, which was so helpful (but I need to stop watching these on my phone – the screen times out, it’s super small and I had to keep squinting – was that the front of the rabbit or the backend?) and I did it! I did it all!

Browning the rabbit in a fry pan while vegetables sautéed in the Instant Pot, I had this nailed. I felt like Martha Stewart or June Cleaver (except the money and attitude, respectively – what? You know June Cleaver had attitude, right?).

Well, all that is the exciting cooking part – afterwards I made pasta, broiled some crusty ciabatta buns, and dinner was served.

Oh, my personal rabbit prep tips (now that I am an expert) for the Instant Pot – I used white wine vinegar and chicken stock instead of the dry white wine called for, and extra veggies all the way 🙂

Delicious – and a personal triumph.

If you’re interested, the recipe can be found at – https://www.krumpli.co.uk/instantpot-rabbit-ragu-with-orecchiette/ I used a penne pasta but next time will definitely do the orecchiette!


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